CFD trading

Trade across thousands of instruments including FX, shares, and more

What are the benefits of CFD trading?

Take advantage of moving markets to buy and sell thousands of global instruments

Speculate on the market - whatever direction it moves in

Open positions with a small percentage of the total trade value

Why traders
choose OvalX

Build a diverse trading portfolio

Explore, invest in, and trade thousands of instruments across global markets

Stay ahead of the curve

Get market news direct to your inbox, or in your own time via our blog and webinars

Uncluttered, intuitive technology

Customise your workspace and enjoy a seamless experience across web and mobile

Put your trust in a company that prioritises you

Choose a broker that boasts both an award-winning product and stellar service


Transparent and fair spreads across all markets. See our full list of trading costs
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GBP/USD 10.01
Germany 4020.01
Wall Street20.01
Spot Gold50.01
Brent Crude40.01